Monday, April 15, 2013

Today I Ran...

I laced up my shoes and set out to start my pace. It had been awhile but I needed to feel the space. That space of time between me and the last few days, so today I ran. It was like any other run, I turned up the volume in my earphones and off I went. I wasn't amongst thousands, it was just me and my breath. Time was lent and the sun gave way for a glorious day, just me and the sidewalk, my own little journey.
I didn't have to keep up, match pace or look before I stepped. I just ran, not to any special place or lengthy destination. I lost my stride and had to walk. Frustrated, I gave into my mind stopping more than not. But I started again and gave it my all until the end. Today I ran, not knowing what was ahead and forgetting what was behind. I let the wind do the pushing and felt my mind begin to ease. Even when my steps began to stutter and slow, I still knew I was better than when I started.
Today I ran. Not for time or a medal, I ran for me. As so many of us do, we run for ourselves and the peace it brings. But today many people ran and it wasn't peace that was given. They were faced with more than a finish line, less than a medal and too many steps to count. Today they ran. But today was a different run for them, little did they know. I am sure their strides will be forever affected, never stepping the same. I know for me, I won't run again without their memories running along side me, their pace in my heart and on my mind. 
Today I ran and so did they... but forever will our steps come together in memory. 
Today I ran... and I get to run again. Some won't be so lucky and many won't get that choice. So from this day forward I will run for them, may my stride show my prayer and my strength give way to peace. 

Today I ran...

Always - Abbey

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