Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Motivation

Getting started... Mondays... Ugh!!!
I think that generally this is the consensus of most who are coming off a great weekend, a busy weekend, or a relaxing weekend! It's just not easy to get started. To begin again, knowing that the week is long in front of you and your still pooped from the days you left behind!
But every beginning has a first step. Every something new has a starting point... you can't begin if you don't stand up to start! There isn't any magical pill or sparkly fairy that is going to come in and make your 'new beginning' any easier or less work for you! It's up to you, and only you!
Monday's used to be an unfavorite day for me! The day that I looked to with dread because I had so much to do on that day! It's the beginning of a hectic week, it means a new batch laundry, I need to clean the house again... the list could go on and on!! But with one shift in focus, and a friend by my side to push my limits, Monday is becoming one of my fav days, a day I look forward to! I get up, I see my goals and what needs to be done waiting there for me to walk toward, and I do it! I know that if I'm not game enough to do, no one else is, so I get started!! I put one foot in front of the other.  I decide what I want to tackle, and I go after it!
And man, has it changed the tempo of my weeks!!
(my running partner/motivation booster... after a 3 miler and 2 huge sets of bleacher intervals)

Whatever it is that pulls at you, or slows you down, or tells you that you can't or you shouldn't ... set it aside and shift your focus on what you could being doing instead! God only gave you one body, one life and it will only be what you make of it! Each day is a gift of grace that you can make the most of or wish away, waiting for something better! What do you choose... Work with what you have and slowly but surely make it better? Or stand defeated in the life you were gifted, hoping that by some miracle it will change with little or no effort on your part?
I choose me... whole, gifted, all me!!! 
I chose to do better by myself each day! 
I own me... no one else does!!!!
Here is my music motivation for the week...

You can't change if you don't get started... You have nothing to lose! No time to waste! The time is now...

Always - Abbey

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