Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How I roll...

There isn't much I wouldn't do to make those I love happy. To a fault sometimes, I will go above and beyond to ensure that their needs come before mine... it's just who I am! And this characteristic is amplified times 100 when it comes to our boys! I wouldn't say I am a Mom who spoils excessively, but I do find ways to sneak in special acts of love, no matter how small,  into their daily lives that will make them smile... even without them knowing it!
<Insert Breakfast Time at the Lewis House>
<Cinnamon Rolls>
I have made these simple, no mix, generic cinnamon rolls every other day for at least the last 8 months. It isn't the healthiest of healthy breakfasts I could choose to serve. But you know what... the boys smile when they see them sitting on the table, they do a little fist pump when they see me putting them into the oven, and the best of all... they EAT them!!! They fill their bellies, ask for more, and I know I have done something to bring a tiny bit of joy into their world each day. 
Now, don't get me wrong... I do attempt to serve healthier options almost every day. Some are embraced and eaten, some are not embraced so much and I end up eating it! But I have just decided, as a Mom, I will pick and choose my battles. I will impart love where and when I can, however I can. There are probably a thousand other healthier Moms out there that serve whole food, organic, non processed meals 3 times a day... and if I met them I would give them a huge high-five and fully admit they have Mom powers beyond my realm. For now, this is the Mom I choose to be... judge me if you want or just shake your head and smile.... cause you know the boat I am in! You have been at the battle of wills breakfast, dinner or lunch table, you have pulled your hair out over healthy vs. not so healthy, eating vs. your child stone walling you and their stomachs because they don't like what you have made! Luckily, I don't have horribly picky eaters... our boys pretty much eat what I serve. But from time to time they do have preferences in their tastes, and wants when it comes to their meals... and I like to meet those needs, and fulfill those wants! What Mom doesn't?!!?

<Healthy options that are embraced... eggs and bananas WITH cinnamon rolls>
For now, this is us, this is what works for me... this is what makes our mornings move along a little smoother, and for that I am thankful! Next month, maybe their tastes will change, maybe they will like oatmeal or wheat germ (not that I know what wheat germ is...)! But that's how we roll... one day at a time. One choice at a time... good or bad, fun or not so fun, healthy or not!! No one knows what tomorrow will hold... but I have found that if I keep my fridge stocked with cinnamon rolls, there is at least one thing I can provide happiness in, during days that might not turn out so good. The same goes with most anything in life... stock within yourself the little things that bring happiness, and when the hard times hit, you can and will be prepared to serve yourself a little bit of joy that might just turn things around!

Always - Abbey

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