Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Putting it Out There!

So, here I go.... I have been an obsessed blog stalker now for about 3 months (thanks to my wonderful friends Mandy and Kim) and I thought about starting a blog of my own for a long time but now I am taking that step and... Putting it out there!!! What am I sending out into cyberspace, well who knows!??! 
I have so many ideas.... for one, I want to explore this blog world and see if it suits my personality. Secondly, I want to share my passions and yes, I mean passions in the plural sense because I feel like I have a lot and add new ones to my list daily! Lastly, I want to have something concrete to look back on to see growth, change, and even inspiration!  
Here are some of my inspirations.....
See the cute guy in the red hat... he has been my inspiration for over 16 years now!! I beyond love him.
This boy here is my first son... He brings me pride, joy and unbelievable amounts of happiness! He is an old soul, Jacob Robert.  He never does anything without thinking it through a 100 times and he feels with his whole heart all the time!!!!
This little guy is my youngest! Matthew Ray never has a dull moment... he is a constant chatter box and is always ready to party! He reminds me to live each day to it's fullest, keep a smile on my face and never underestimate a good back rub! He is too MUCH!
My Mom... through good times and bad she has walked with me! She may not always agree with me but she always loves me endlessly! She is our family's rock!
Oh, this girl... what do I say about this girl!!! From the moment we met in a tiny, unairconditioned dorm room in 1994 I knew she was going to be someone I never let go! She inspires me  to be a better person, especially via text message on a daily basis!!
So there you have it, in a nutshell... my life, my inspirations! I look forward to many more posts about this topic in addition to many, many more! 
Each day is a gift, a journey just for you to travel... whether it be to the grocery store or the Himalayas make sure you know that it is a gift of grace and don't let it go to waste!!!
Always - Abbey


  1. YAY!!!! I wanted to be your first follower, but somebody beat me to the punch! Love it, Abbey!

  2. You are going to be a terrific blogger! You are smart, sassy and stylish with an amazing capacity to love and lead. It's always an honor to be your friend. May your voice appeal to the masses. Love you always.


  3. I LOVE IT!!!! I can't wait to hear and see what your blog becomes! You are going to be amazing and inspiring I can all ready tell! I started blogging a couple years ago. I blog anything from my kids pics to my feelings to "confessions of a weak bladdered woman"! For Christmas a 2 years ago my hubby had my blog printed and bound. It then took on even more meaning to me. It became our scrapbook, my family history, my journal and so much more. Now we print it every year. It is one of my kids favorite things to pull out! You really are going to be amazing! I am adding you to my blog RIGHT NOW!!! So excited! (if you haven't checked out mine feel free to stalk as far back as you would like..... suzyjeffords.blogspot.com) LOVE IT and love you!

  4. Thank you so much girls for commenting on my first ever attempt at blogging... helped me feel validated!!! Joy/Suzy... I stalk your blogs and have for a while so for you to peek at mine means a lot!!! Julie you are my sister thru and thru, luv ya more than my luggage!!!! Each of you is getting a special shout out in my next post and a certain sassy flower pin or clip or headband to boot!!!! Send me your addresses please ;))))

  5. I LOVE it Abbey! Just now getting a chance to check it out and yes, I am going to continue to "stalk" you....that's how we roll, right?!

    Luv Ya Girl,